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Meet Our Fleet

T-Town Caddy consists of 3 six seater golf carts (one with handicap accessibility) as well as a Gem Car which is an eight seater, and now in 2022 we've welcomed our 3 new Coco Trucks which seat four. All vehicles are able to run in all weather conditions with either doors or weatherproof covers and heat in all. Not only do we drive around Toledo, but also private events such as weddings.


Weather-Resistant Covers

Travel around Toledo all year long and avoid the cold, snowy, rainy weather we tend to experience in Northwest Ohio.


Handicap Accessible

Nobody gets left out at

T-Town Caddy. Our handi-capable features ensure everyone is included.

heated golf cart ride

Heated travel

Stay warm and toasty as you travel around the city. We won't let wet or cold weather ruin your fun. 

Meet Toledo's Favorite Drivers

The T-Town Caddy Team is  just a quick phone call away. 

Headquartered in the Old West End, they're available at a moment's notice and are ready to transport your group from one place to another, safely. 

t-town caddy drivers.jpg

Corey- Manager


Sergio & Judy-

"LOVE using T-Town Caddy to get around downtown Toledo. They are always clean, safe, reliable and friendly."

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