Advertise with us!

Why advertise with us? We are able to offer this service because of sponsors like you! We are marketing on the move, your ads will be seen by thousands! Our Caddies (drivers) will work for you. We can pass out discounts or coupons for you, we tell the client about your establishment’s lunch specials, happy hour, entertainment or special events. Simply tell us how you would like us to help promote your business!

Why choose stationary advertising rather than digital?

Our signs are made of weather resistant aluminum. The colors are bright and the signs are high quality.

Our signs are made right here in downtown Toledo by Clear Images. 

Choosing stationary advertising allows for your viewers to see your ad 100% of the time. Digital advertising

only allows for your 10 second ad to be viewed a total of 3 minutes per hour. For 57 minutes an hour your ad is not visible! 

Front or back panel

39 ⅝” x 18”    

Side panels

​28 ¾ x 18”

Call for pricing. 419-340-9860

Sponsor an entire cart
Cart is painted solely in your requested colors and logos placed on the front hood and all six side panels.